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Podcast: A dietary MOT for your horse with The Horse Feed Guru

  • Posted: 8 November 2021

Independent equine nutritionist with horseHave you ever had a dietary MOT for your horse? Well, I did just that recently and had a session with Donna Case, aka The Horse Feed Guru, to look at 21 year old Geoffrey's diet.

I thought this would make a great podcast episode, exploring Donna's work as an independent equine nutritionist.

With a horse on livery, you can get stuck in a rut and not often review feed and diet, not always taking into account the horse's age, level of work, their temperament, which all has an impact on how the horse should be fed. 

It's not all about overhauling your horse's diet though, it's about getting the basics right and looking at scientific evidence to support adding in other things.

We caught up with Donna Case, aka The Horse Feed Guru to talk about when to call on an independent equine nutritionist and what they look at to make sure your horse is on the best diet and ultimately in the best shape they can possibly be in.

Find out more about Donna here:


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