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Podcast: Fulfill Your Potential as a Rider, With Jane Brindley

  • Posted: 1 November 2021

Horse with rider

It can seem so simple to pop out for a quick hack or have a jump session or even ride in a competition but for some, the comfort zone can become ever shrinking and you start to limit what you do and where you go.

That's where Jane Brindley of Horse Riding with Confidence Scotland comes in! Jane, a Centre 10 Advanced Performance accredited coach, is a horse riding confidence and mindset coach and works with riders at all levels, from people who are frightened to get on their horse right up to riders competing at a high level.

Using techniques such as hypnotherapy, NLP and performance coaching Jane can really help with mindset and confidence issues and ultimately help riders to get back to enjoying their riding.

Full Disclosure 😬

So, full disclosure! I had a confidence issue with my horse and got in touch with Jane for help. I'd got out of the habit of hacking - I'd never really been mad keen on it if I'm honest, and as a result my comfort zone became the arena at home. So when a saddle issue emerged and I had to limit my schooling, I had to get out hacking again. The thought literally left me cold - what if he bolts? What if he spooks at something and I lose control? What if I fall off? I couldn't erase these thoughts from my mind and I would drive to the yard feeling sick and terrified of what was to come.

I know I'm not alone out there and that's why I wanted to share my story and how I overcame it with Jane's help. You'll be delighted to hear that I now hack at least once a week and although those thoughts haven't completely left me, I'm much better equipped with tools to help. Our last recent hack was brilliant, we encountered tractors, drivers, cyclists, runners and our old favourite, pheasants! And neither of us put a foot wrong, in fact we both grinned the entire time.

Self-talk and mindset

So, back to the podcast! How's your self-talk? Do you attached any unhelpful labels to you or your horse? These might not be serving you well and we talk about this and how unhelpful they can be.

It's great to have a goal but it's important that you set something that's realistic, we touch on this and how you can break down goals to turn it into something that you can achieve and keep you motivated. We also talk about Jane's top tips for riding with confidence in your competitions and how important mindset is.

You can find out more about Jane here:


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