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Dr Di on being a trauma surgeon and a para rider with goals

  • Posted: 20 September 2021

Horse and rider trotting down the centre lineThe next episode of the Dressage Anywhere Podcast is live!

Some of you may remember that we launched a podcast a few months ago and then went a bit quiet as things steadily got busier here at Dressage Anywhere. Well, the great news is that we're back on track and the podcast is back!

Our next guest is Dr Diane Fisher. So many people did amazing things during the height of the Covid pandemic and Diane is just one of those people. We're so excited to share this podcast with you all about Diane as trauma surgeon and a para rider with goals.

We catch up on where Diane's journey with horses started, the process around para grading, training at Talland and what it was like to work through a global pandemic.

And this is just Part 1! Watch out for Part 2 coming soon.

*Since recording this podcast Diane has been graded as a Grade V para rider and also taken up the role of Chief Medical Officer at BETA.

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