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Music Festival Winners Announced!

  • Posted: 7 September 2020

Online dressage freestyle to music rosettes and a Bose SpeakerThe Dressage Anywhere Music Festival took place between July and August and with prizes worth more than £1,000, this competition was not to be missed!

There's so much to love about a freestyle to music test - the preparation beforehand and coming up with a floorplan that's unique to you and your horse; the music choices and then putting it all together. It can be an emotional but rewarding journey.

Please join us in congratulating everyone who took part - it's been an absolute joy to watch tests from some riders completely new to music and some regular music riders! 

Introductory Placed Riders
Sponsored by Beat This Dressage to Music
Judge: Kim Ratcliffe
Placing   Rider   Horse   Score
1st   Tamsin Bannell   Molly   70.28%
2nd   Gail Dennis   Molmilandes   69.17%
3rd   Charlotte Irwin   Winster   68.89%
4th   Karen Spooner-Smale   Wiston Bluebelle   68.33%
5th   Megan Bevan   Rickamore Aurora   68.33%
6th   Beverley   Abbeymanor just amazing   67.50%


Preliminary placed riders
Sponsored by Steph Croxford
Judge: Sara-Jane Lanning
Placing   Rider   Horse   Score
1st   Emily   Stan Three   71.67%
2nd   Emma Louise Coverdale   Harley Quinn   71.11%
3rd   Felicity Spencer   Starlight   70.83%
4th   Phillipa   Ernest   69.72%
5th   Shelley Whitbourn   Priska   68.06%
6th   Dianna Dodding   Dianagate Rose of Shuttleworth   67.78%


Novice placed riders
Sponsored by Equivisions
Judge: John Robinson
Placing   Rider   Horse   Score
1st   Abby Bannell   Royal Dalliance   73.61%
2nd   Sara-Louise Wood   Swedish Sailor   71.39%
3rd   Kirsten Good   Honalulu   71.11%
4th   Stacey   Harlequin Whiskey Mac   70.83%
5th   Iris Wilhelm   Rock Chocolate MD   70.83%
6th   Zana Saville   Chelsea Herself   70.56%


Elementary Placed Riders
Sponsored by Gaynor Colbourn
Judge: Debby Lush
Placing   Rider   Horse   Score
1st   Stephanie Jenkins   Chamonix II   74.62%
2nd   Deborah Payne   Compadre Z   69.81%
3rd   Jill Hobson   Furisto Seven for a Secret   69.62%
4th   Lucy James   Forever Darco   69.23%
5th   Helen Grant   Across The Road   68.08%
6th   Wendi Walker   Jerexano CLXI   67.88%


Medium Placed Riders
Sponsored by Through The Eye of The Judge
Judge: Mary-Anne Horn
Placing   Rider   Horse   Score
1st   Cristina Calin   Reem's Belle Fleur   78.17%
2nd   Chantelle Oliver-Symonds   Stadmorslow Coffee n Cream   70.83%
3rd   Miriam Scott-Goddard   Woodlander Santiago   68.33%
4th   Helen Dawes   Swing Time   66.83%
5th   Wendi Walker   Jerezano CLXI   66.50%
6th   Robin Haysom   Callaho Waikiki   66.00%


Advanced Medium Placed Riders
Sponsored by Equidance
Judge: Sarah Leitch
Placing   Rider   Horse   Score
1st   Albertine Van Vaaren vd Berg   Las Vegas   77.67%
2nd   Cristina Calin   Reem's Webster   71.17%
3rd   Megan   Isleno XCV   69.83%
4th   Milou van Engeland   Springfield's Farah-Jade   69.83%
5th   Cristina Calin   Reem's Athena   69.17%
6th   Alisa Hunter Gordon   Eurythmics   68.17%

You can watch many of the entries on our scoreboard! And if you'd like some expert feedback on your freestyle test, have a look at our BD Freestyle to Music Training Class in our Monthly Training Classes