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Through The Eye of The Judge

  • Posted: 23 July 2020

Through the Eye of the Judge logoThrough The Eye of The Judge are our Music Festival Medium sponsors! We've got a set of music DVDs to give away to our 1st to 3rd placed riders. 

Have you seen this great series with Stephen Clarke and Jo Graham? The idea of these DVDs came from Jo Graham in order to help dressage judges and potential dressage judges understand what they are looking for and to develop their eye.

Jo approached Stephen Clarke, Britain's most highly respected judge, to come on board. Together they have developed the idea and have now produced three series of DVDs. A fourth series is also now available for download

A great range of horses and ponies have been used in order to give many comparisons and issues to study. This variation shows the use and awarding of marks needed when judging dressage. Not only is it of great value to judges but it helps to give riders a clearer understanding of what the judge is looking for.

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