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Gaynor Colbourn: Over 10,000 Freestyle Winners

  • Posted: 15 July 2020

Gaynor Colbourn logoA huge welcome back to Gaynor Colbourn, this month's Elementary Music Festival sponsor. Gaynor has very kindly offered our 1st to 3rd placed riders a voucher for individually designed and bespoke competition music. 

Many in the dressage world will be familiar with Gaynor's unique approach to freestyle music; her talent and ability to play live music during test riding is one to be watched.

Back in the 1980s, Gaynor, Jennie Loriston-Clarke and our own Nereide Goodman devised the very first dressage to music competition at Wellington Riding, which has gone on to become a national and international sensation.

With over 10,000 freestyle winners under her belt, we caught up with Gaynor to get her top tips on planning and riding your freestyle to music test. 

Gaynor Colbourn's Top Tips


Make your floor plan interesting, unusual and elegant. Judges see hundreds, so make yours stick out in the crowd.


Choose music that suits your horse's personality and is not used by everyone else.


Make sure that you have music which is the exact tempo for each pace. 


It's Freestyle, you have to perform the mandatory movements, but there are non-compulsory allowed movements. If you horse is good at any of them, then include in your test. If you cannot perform them well, do not include them.


The transitions in the music should be smooth and not jarring, badly patched together music can spoil an otherwise super test. 

Entries to our Music Festival close at 23.59 BST on 26 August. Click below to see the full schedule.

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