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Brush Up on Your Test Riding Skills

  • Posted: 5 June 2020

online dressage scoresheet displayed on computer, phone and tabletWhether you're trying out a new level or need some detailed feedback on a test you're planning to ride at a live competition, our Training Classes can help.

Look at any of our monthly schedules and you'll see a Monthly Training Class entry that includes British Dressage, British Eventing, The Pony Club and RDA. Entries here are all judged by a British Dressage List 1 or appropriate specialist judge.

We now include dedicated training classes for PSG, Intermediate I, Intermediate II and Grand Prix. This month we're delighted to welcome back Peter Storr and Isobel Wessels as judges for these classes.

All training class entries receive a scoresheet to download that includes additional feedback for you to put into practice to perfect your test riding. All entries, videos and results are kept private so only you and the judge can see your performance.

As with all other tests and entries on Dressage Anywhere, your videos, results and scoresheets are kept in your account under My Dressage Anywhere > My Entries, so you can check back over the years to see your progress.

If you need feedback by a specific date, maybe if you're practising for a live event, let us know on an e-mail and we'll do our best to turn your test around in that time.

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