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Announcing the British Dressage Equetech Online Championships 2020!

  • Posted: 27 January 2020

Online Dressage Championship RosettesThe British Dressage Equetech Online Championship qualifiers are open!

We’re delighted to welcome one of the UK's leading providers of equestrian clothing, Equetech as sponsor of the Championship Show and we've got a number of things in the pipeline for our members to enjoy!

Into its seventh year, these Championships enable riders, who are unable travel to live competitions regularly, to take part in competitive dressage. This is perfect for riders in remote locations, those without transport or difficult to load horses and also those who don't own their own horse or pony but ride regularly at a riding school or club.

It's really easy to take part - enter online and then once you've ridden and filmed your test, upload the video to the Dressage Anywhere website for judging by a BD List 1 or 2 judge. 

What Levels Are Included in the Championships?

From January 2020 to the end of September 2020 riders entering Dressage Anywhere's regular monthly competition classes at Introductory to Advanced Medium level can qualify for the British Dressage Equetech Online Championships. This also includes the Introductory and Preliminary Junior classes PLUS the Veteran Horses competition classes.

How to Qualify?

To qualify for the Championships riders must be British Nationals or British Expatriates and achieve three scores at 60% or above at the same level. More information is available on the Dressage Anywhere Rules page. Qualifications are per horse and rider combination at a one level. The British Dressage Equetech Online Championships are open to both BD members and non-members.

How Do I know When I've Qualified?

Once you've achieved three qualifying scores you will see a link at the top of Dressage Anywhere when you next log in. Click this link and follow the instructions to complete your qualification - you will need to register your qualification on the BD website, which is free to BD members and £10.00 to non-members. No additional memberships are required.

When is the Online Championship Show?

The BD Equetech Online Championship Show will run during October/November and will be open only to qualified riders who have registered their qualification.

Find Out More

To find out more information, visit the Rules page of Dressage Anywhere or get in touch if you have a specific query.