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As a rule...

  • Posted: 3 November 2016

Rules iconWhether it's your first time riding a dressage test or if you just need a quick reminder, here's a quick guide to understanding the Dressage Anywhere competition class rules.

Non-permitted tack

If you usually ride with a martingale, check that you've removed it before you ride your test. We do normally spot these when we come to judge tests and we'll give you an opportunity to re-ride your test without a martingale providing there's enough time before the entries close date.

Make sure your bit conforms to the governing body's rules.

Dressing up?

If you plan to wear competition dress, pop some boots or bandages on your horse to demonstrate that the test hasn't been ridden at a live competition. Make sure you wear gloves - these are essential in all dressage tests and you risk being deducted two marks if you forget to put them on.

Which level?

Horse and rider combinations must not enter a competition class more than one level below their highest entry, so if you're entering at Elementary level, you shouldn't ride a test below Novice level.

Forgotten your test?

It happens to the best of us! Don't worry, callers or commanders are permitted (apart from British Eventing or FEI tests).

Have a look at our Rules page for more detailed information or get in touch if you can't find what you're looking for.