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KICS Riding School comes to Hampshire!

  • Posted: 29 June 2016

Dressage Anywhere teamThis week we were thrilled to meet Jill and David from KICS Riding School based in Khartoum, Sudan whilst enjoying a well deserved break in the UK.

The KICS Riding School team has been taking part in Dressage Anywhere competitions for almost a year and is currently in 4th place in the Team Challenge league with 12 points.

Based in Sudan for last 5 years, Jill heard about Dressage Anywhere on social media via a friend and rallied a team together with her students.

All the horses at KICS are home bred and the feedback from our BD List 1 and 2 and International FEI judges is helping to improve their scores month on month. David said the team have 'thoroughly enjoyed it, we can't speak highly enough of the judges and are really encouraged by the feedback we receive every month'.

We're looking forward to seeing more of the team in the coming months: Jill Ellis, David Hancock, Elizaveta Alexanderova and George Winnard, who competed with a broken arm last month!

Learn more about how KICS Riding School enjoys competing with Dressage Anywhere in the video below.