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Championship FAQs

  • Posted: 7 April 2016

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We've been running British Dressage Online Championships for several years, here are some frequently asked questions to get you started on all you need to know. Get in touch if there's anything not covered here.

What is it?

The Dressage Deluxe British Dressage Online Championships is an opportunity for all riders to take part in a Championship Show without leaving home! 

What levels?

Riders at Intro to Elementary are eligible to take part. Watch this space for more news for our Medium to PSG riders! 

How do I qualify?

From May to the end of September enter our regular monthly Introductory to Elementary classes. Riders with the highest combined percentage of those who achieve two scores of 62% or above at the same level will qualify!

Can I enter more than one level?

Yes you can! We ask that riders don't ride more than one level below their current level so a rider and horse combination could enter Intro/Prelim, Prelim/Novice or Novice/Elementary.

How does the Championship Show run?

During October all qualified riders will receive a personal invitation to enter the Championships Show, which is run as a separate competition during November.

Are there any additional rules I need to know?

All the usual Dressage Anywhere rules apply plus for the Championship Show no whips or commanders are permitted.

What are the prizes?

This year we're so exited to have premium retailer Dressage Deluxe as title sponsor! For each class:

1st £100 Dressage Deluxe vouchers plus British Dressage membership and horse registration

2nd £75 Dressage Deluxe vouchers plus British Dressage membership

3rd £50 Dressage Deluxe vouchers plus one year subscription to British Dressage magazine

4th £40 Dressage Deluxe vouchers

5th £30 Dressage Deluxe vouchers

6th £20 Dressage Deluxe vouchers

What's more, all Championship qualifiers will receive 10% off BD membership and horse registration plus a BD class ticket so you can try out affiliated competition!