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Over £600 worth of prizes to be won in the 2015 Rider League!

  • Posted: 7 April 2015

Horse and riderWe're delighted to announce an exciting prize for our 2015 Rider League. We've teamed up with new sponsor MIBOT to award the 2015 Champion with a unique package worth over £600

The MIBOT remote video package puts you in control so you can capture what you want when you want. It's an ideal solution for Dressage Anywhere competitors, allowing you to automatically film yourself and your horse without needing a camera person. By simply wearing a tag on your arm the camera, mounted on a tripod, tracks you as you ride around the arena, automatically panning, tilting and zooming to keep you perfectly framed. 

The MIBOT package consists of a Soloshot 2 remote camera tracking device, a Sony HD Handycam, which you may also use independently, a tripod and a customer designed rugged carrying case to keep everything secure and protected. We love this bit of kit and think you will too! It's perfect for filming your Dressage Anywhere tests or just simply using as a training tool to watch your schooling sessions back and analyse with your friends or trainer. 

The 2015 Rider League runs from January to December 2015 and the top 10 riders in British Dressage and FEI competition classes will receive rosettes and stock pins.