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Dressage Anywhere Ex-Racehorse Rider League 2021

Dressage Anywhere Ex-Racehorse Rider League 2021

See how you and your friends are doing in the top 30 placings in this years ex-racehorse rider league.

The Dressage Anywhere Ex-Racehorse Rider League 2021 Champion will be the rider and horse combination who have gained the most points in ex-racehorse competitions run from January to November 2021.

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Points are awarded in the monthly Jim Boyle’s Ex-Racehorses class as per 1st place = 10 points, 2nd place = 9 points and so on to 10th place = 1 point.

Indicated placings below are provisional and subject to change.

Placing Rider Horse From Points
1st SARA FOGG Overafrica United Kingdom 27
2nd Stacey Barr Danish Blues United Kingdom 24
3rd Simone Potton Generous Spender United Kingdom 22
4th Christian Allderidge Come On Wong Choy Hong Kong 20
5th Kirsty Harkness Carlitos Bay United Kingdom 19
6th Donna Le Roy Speedy Writer Jersey 17
6th Luci Friend Sirrocco Too Hong Kong 17
8th Emily Heathcote Vayland United Kingdom 15
8th Caroline Brougham Desi Daru United Kingdom 15
10th Sabrina Stevens Idle Talker United Kingdom 14
11th Deborah Jodrell Taz United Kingdom 13
12th Christian Allderidge Charlie Victor Hong Kong 10
12th Deborah Jodrell Sword of the Lord United Kingdom 10
12th Virginia Grant Wayne Manor United Kingdom 10
15th Jackie Leonard Derryogue United Kingdom 9
15th Kate Edminson Forgivienne United Kingdom 9
15th Laurel Cooke Happy Happy Star Hong Kong 9
18th Gillian Steele Lots of fun United Kingdom 8
18th Lucy Verity Flying Giant (IRE) United Kingdom 8
20th Nicole Kingsley-Smith Bally Borris United Kingdom 7
20th Rebecca Parkes Shiny Day Hong Kong 7
20th Sarah Clarke Victor Leudorum United Kingdom 7
20th Katherine Bentz Classic Statement United Kingdom 7
20th Kyrsten Bling Noir United Kingdom 7
25th Charlotte Felona E Serona United Kingdom 6
25th Tanya Mason Best Director United Kingdom 6
25th Nina Oceane United Kingdom 6
25th Lucy Telford Alfie Ireland 6
29th Zosha Piotrowski All Round Hong Kong 5
29th Caroline Burrow Nitric Bolt United Kingdom 5
29th Laura Briers Q Ten Girl United Kingdom 5
29th Leanne White Side Glance United Kingdom 5

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